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In Finland, during last years almost half or even more than half persons that were issued first resident permit were of Indian origins

Indians are 3rd highest resident permit applicants after Russia & Ukraine between 2015-6/2019.

And still a lot more untapped. 

  • The huge skilled pool; India is the #01 outsourcing destination in the world for the past 15 years

  • World's 2nd largest English speaking population

  • All-round talent e.g. #1 BPO, KPO, LPO, Software, Engineering, R&D & Product development talent pool in the world

  • The largest tech talent pool of 4,47 Million

  • Digital talent pool growing at 30%+ CAGR

  • STEM Talent pool - 2 Million annual enrollment

  • The country with large surplus talent. Industries, where the talent surplus will be the most visible, include financial services with a surplus of 1.1 million, technology, media, telecommunications (TMT) at 1.3 million, and manufacturing at 2.44 million of extra highly skilled manpower in 12 years.

We are equally focused on vocational skills, Temporary worker, & Blue-collar worker  


  • Finland has great technological OEMs, however, due to high labor cost and scars of some specific skills in required volume competitiveness in the global market is reduced

  • In today's era, competitiveness is being achieved by outsourcing traditional manufacturing in low-cost country with the given design and quality standards

  • So far china had been a global factory, but after Covid-19, the world has realized the need for multiple centers of manufacturing for sustainability. In fact, now many countries are moving their manufacturing facilities to the democratic country

  • India has been the already destination for manufacturing for many global companies.

  • D&D services offer any kind of sourcing solution from India, which including small job work to heavy machinery

  • We have established a manufacturing set up which caters to given cost and quality

  • We also offer self and third-party quality monitoring from renounced inspection agencies like Bureau Veritas

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