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We are global citizen in this century. The passports are just travel documents with different color

We are living in a different world than we used to 5-10 years back. The world is getting global. Our economies are tie-up. Anything that happened at any corner of the world has a smaller or bigger impact on us.

We are now a global citizen of the global world with having different colors of passports. In today’s world what matters is what skills you have and the ecosystem will follow demand and supply rules.

In Finland, when we are watching the demand of talent in some areas which can find supply sides country like India, Eastern Europe, or Southeast Asia. The market should and will follow demand and supply rules. This is how industry anchors their position with the best global talent and increase competitiveness and sustainability.

These not about only bring the required skills we need but also come with a different way of doing the things, the organization will have know-how of best of practices across the globes. So when a company is looking to the international market, they should start internalize itself internally and when we are saying this, it should not necessarily mean only top management professionals, the real difference is made by the people who are actually doing the job.

We as Finland want to give the world more Nokia and Rovio Entertainment kind of brand names. The global spirit comes with global team players.

We at D&D Services is helping the companies to get the global talent to enrich their human assets and so forth the company’s know-how. With our presence at the world’s largest talent pool, India we want to offer hassle-free talent acquisition by offering end-to-end services from search to onboarding.


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