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Coloration not competition ..

Yes, you read it right.. We are here to collaborate and extend our know-how and depth understanding of the Indian Finnish ecosystem. We not here to cut any piece of pie but to add a cherry to the top.

There has been multiple reports and article how International know-how and #diversity is a key aspect in the individual company and economy’s growth. When we are getting any candidate internationally, he/she comes with altogether new methods of doing things, and many times they opened a window to that country’s #market for you.

In #Finland, We all have faced difficulties in hiring necessary skills being in our own sphere. Before the pandemic, the percentage of employers having difficulties finding suitable candidates to fill their open positions had risen to 44 %. The report states that this figure is the highest since they started tracking this in 1993. So, before the pandemic, we had 56 % of surveyed business entities saying that they had been looking for new employees within the last 12 months. 44 % of them had difficulties finding suitable candidates. And 19 % even said they had not been able to fill all or some of their open positions. We all need to join hands to fight against this trend.

Few of our friend companies are launching a very good project like #trialhiring, The Finnish government and Business Finland have equally accelerated the efforts by launching #talentboost program to bridge the future demand gap with a globally trusted talent pool of #India.

We at D&D Services are opening the window to the world’s largest and most trusted resource pool, #India

  • With our strong base in India, We are offering Finnish companies end-to-end solutions with Human resourcing. This includes searching, screening, background check, #Visa Services, Relocation & onboarding to Finland.

  • We are taking a very unique position in the #relocationServices. We ourselves are work-based immigrants, relocation services are one of our niche offerings with clear understanding of both supply & demand in both side’s ecosystems. When are talking about relocation services, it is not only about relocation and onboarding in Finland but we are looking forward to giving them a #homely welcome and connecting the people to like-minded people and introducing the family to the possibility to explore their hobbies, spirituality, cultural aspirations, study, and career in Finland. We are assuring long-term association of company and candidates.

  • D&D Services is looking forward to work on #unfocused market segments of #Manufacturing skills, Service sector skills & blue color workers. We are #incubating the best workshop candidates with German manufacturing technological know-how. Candidates are having sound on-the-job experience and classroom #training. The incubation center has developed multiple skilled certified experts i.e. machinist, Tool & die designing & making experts, CAD/CAM Experts, CNC programmers, #CNS operators, MIG/TIG #welders, Industrial Automation & Robotics experts etc.

  • We are equally eager to work in the most sought sector in social & healthcare services, we also wish to start incubating the candidate with Finnish skills along with their professional skills.

We at D&D Services are sharing #grassroot level support & understanding of the Indian ecosystem.

Many Finnish companies have already good roots in India for them we are offering our unique #Relocation Services

We also understand #cost is the key factor in any #hiring, we offer the most #affordable solution which even suits #SMEs & #start-ups.

D&D Services assures that mutual benefits will be reaped tangible contribution on goodwill and monetary both ends shall be recognized.


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