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Finland is getting global, according to data released by state agency Business Finland, despite the coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, the number of new foreign companies in Finland increased by nearly 300

Global talent brings sustainability & competitiveness.

On the other side, 

Before the pandemic, the percentage of employers having difficulties finding suitable candidates to fill their open positions had risen to 44 %. The report states that this figure is the highest since they started tracking this in 1993.

So, before the pandemic, we had 56 % of surveyed business entities saying that they had been looking for new employees within the last 12 months. 44 % of them had difficulties finding suitable candidates. And 19 % even said they had not been able to fill all or some of their open positions. According to the report, around 63 000 jobs did not materialize because employers were unable to find suitable employees.

Finnish birth rate falls to the lowest level since the 19th Century famine: The number of babies born in Finland fell for a ninth consecutive year, but immigration drove an overall population increase in 2019.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE) has estimated that Finland needs 20,000 immigrants of work origin per year. We are still a long way from that. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about 12,000 people moved to Finland last year on the basis of work. The majority of the new workforce comes from so-called third countries. Fewer and fewer EU citizens come to Finland to work.

2DS Finland is to shoulder your journeys to your growth and give you that extra edge to create your niche position in the market by supporting you with end-to-end recruitment to the onboarding & Integrating process.

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We understand that each that hiring has some budget, it is difficult to consider International talent considering hiring, relocation, and other administrative costs.

Our motto is to introduce the best talent and extend your reach globally at very competitive and affordable rates.


The process and the time are other roadblocks for hiring International Talent. 2DS Finland Oy is here to give you a smooth ride to the process. We shall take care of the End-to-End .process 

We also emphasize on social, cultural & economical integration of the not only candidate but the full family so talent is not just been onboarded but stays associated for longer years.


We are assuring that the profiles referred by 2DS Finland are highly skilled candidates and they are real craftsmen of their art. Our process of selecting the right and most suitable candidates ensures that you are getting the best and reliable resources in your team.

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