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Coloration not competition ..

Yes, you read it right.. We are here to collaborate and extend our know-how and depth understanding of the Indian Finnish ecosystem. We not here to cut any piece of pie but to add a cherry to the top. There has been multiple reports and article how International know-how and #diversity is a key aspect in the individual company and economy’s growth. When we are getting any candidate internationally, he/she comes with altogether new methods of doing things, and many times they

Are we doing enough for address resourcing issue in all the sectors?

The Skill shortage in Finland is no more a new discussion in Finland now, but when we see the initiatives, those are more leaning toward the ICT industry and Business Management. Are they only sectors where the scars of resources are? Infect no, the below graph is self-explainer. Construction, Health care & Industry is also facing the same or even more heat as the ICT industry. The problem has only multiplied in the last decade and now probably we need to act. We at D&D Servi

We are global citizen in this century. The passports are just travel documents with different color

We are living in a different world than we used to 5-10 years back. The world is getting global. Our economies are tie-up. Anything that happened at any corner of the world has a smaller or bigger impact on us. We are now a global citizen of the global world with having different colors of passports. In today’s world what matters is what skills you have and the ecosystem will follow demand and supply rules. In Finland, when we are watching the demand of talent in some areas

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