A landing ground for International talent

2DS Finland is Successor of D&D Services where we address the need of the time and look to the future, we are ready to adapt to the global challenges and trends. We are working on well-identified and highlighted facts of skill scarcity. We have reached the time when we have to expand their wings out of Finland to get vital resources for sustainability.

With our strong team and network in India and Finland, 2DS Finland offers an end-to-end solution to get professionals on board. 2DS Finland makes you resourceful, whether it is Man or Material. We offer credible solutions for incredible business.

Being from immigrant, We ourselves has done the journey of unknown roads, and as it is said experience is the best teacher. We are already guiding hundreds of new professionals coming to Finland and helping them to settle and flourish in Finland.

We work to not only get the talent but integrate their full family socially & Economically so they are retained.

 With 2DS Finland, hiring international talent is no more time taking and costly affair. We are offering the full package services for the hiring candidate & relocating him or her with family in hiring a local candidate's budget. 



Delivering Beyond Boarders

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood


We believe, there are no scars of resource, but we need to more agile with global trends

  • Searching & Headhunting candidates Internationally

  • Background check of candidates

  • Facilitation of Interview

  • Negotiation assistance

  • Contracting Candidates

  • Incubating Talent


We not only onboard candidate but integrate full family so they make Finland a lifelong home

  • Immigration assistance - Visa process

  • Onboarding assistance - Airport Receiving, Population Register, Kela, Tax Card

  • Local transportation & area orientation

  • Temporary accommodation

  • School search tips & assistance

  • Spouse unemployment registration & career guidance

  • Rental / leased house search

  • Social, cultural & spiritual Integration


The professionals delivering the quality within the Project schedule and budget

  • 2DS Finland offer your short-term or long-term on-shore and Off-shore resource requirement for the Project

  • We offer you Technical, Project Management, and controlling resources to empower your project team

  • 2DS Finland takes delivery of projects and Assignments for the full lifecycle of the project

  • We take Development, migration, Infra management, and maintenance projects for the sectors mentioned in the following slide



Bringing sustainability in the ecosystem

India is renowned for its ICT talent.  Currently, we are supporting Finnish companies with ICT Talent, Business Administrators, Researchers, and other Engineering professionals. Our current key customers are from the ICT and Energy sectors. 

However, 2DS Finland is also looking forward to working on unfocused market segments of Manufacturing skills, Service sector skills & blue color workers.

Apart from traditional experienced candidates, we are incubating the best workshop candidates with German manufacturing technological know-how.  Candidates are having sound on-the-job experience and classroom training. The incubation center has developed multiple skilled certified experts i.e. machinist, Tool & die designing & making experts, CAD/CAM Experts, CNC programmers, CNS operators, MIG/TIG welders, Industrial Automation & Robotics experts, etc. 



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